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Bottomline: we tailor innovative solutions by understanding the domain and designing meaningful experiences

Idea Generation

Design is about an effective way of representing ideas through available means. With as little as a 2 hour session, you can start designing, properly.


Do you need to prove an idea or a concept? We can help with giving it life through advanced prototyping techniques.


Take your enterprise to the next level by publishing your innovation at an international level while expoloring new opportunties.

Google Technology

In 2009, we were few of the first working on Android Apps. Now, we're enthusiastic building new cool apps using the latest Google products.

our specialisations

Our selection of services varies according to the stage of your idea. We offer support from consultancy to design and development, also extending to publishing your work internationally.


at every stage

we can provide you with support to move forward

Before committing yourself to considerable investment in a mobile application or any other form of software solution, we strongly recommend you analyse and understand your needs. Don't let the initial excitement of an idea blind you from its feasibility and committing yourself further. With as little as 3 hour workshops, we can help refine your vision.
Our team is experienced in a variety of systems from startup ideas to large scale and high throughput systems. In the past years, we supported enterprises and individuals in realising ideas for marketing, proofs of concept and also revenue-generating applications.
In the daily rush of deadlines, meetings and new projects, companies generally underestimate the valuable intellectual property they generate. We can help you in publishing your work and research in international fora such as IEEE and ACM and get international recognition.

Our Team Members

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